Writing Rants-N-Raves

This blog is about my freelance writing career, the things I have found out along the way and am still learning. Of course I do have several pet peeves, and things that just piss me off when it comes to writing.

I don’t like to read an article I have to muddle through because it has been accepted by some content mismanagement that hasn’t got a clue about English.

I don’t mind an article that isn’t 100% grammatically correct; mine aren’t perfect. I don’t even mind a misspelling or two because it is common and everyone can hit the wrong key occasionally.

Another thing I don’t really mind about are the people that post jobs and you can tell from the posting they do need to hire a writer. Example: “Good Artikles Writters Needed” Okay, so it is almost laughable then you read the posting for this person. Apparently they can’t write their own content, reviews, descriptions or whatever it is they want to add to their work.

Then you read what they are looking for: “I am in need of artikles writer must be native English speaker with strong writing skills and skilled for long term work. (sounds promising),all work must be grammer correct with no spelling errors. You must write a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 700, include keyword, description sentence and a short summary. I need these in batches of 5 to 10 per day. will pay $1.00 per artikle.”

I know that if you are just breaking into writing this STILL DOESN’T SOUND GOOD. Many people might jump all over this; IF THEY LIVE IN INDIA. I don’t, I live in the U.S. I think I am talented and fancy myself a writer or I wouldn’t be doing it for a living. But, no matter, I cannot write an article of the calibre they are seeking for $1.00 and won’t.

I would rather not write for pay at all if that is the rate. A lot of the better writers will give the advice to just stay away from these jobs if you aren’t willing to do them. That is my advice too. I also suggest that writers stay away from the sites that offer this kind of pay for your creative brilliance.

It doesn’t do any good to complain to the people in charge of these job boards so if writers refuse to frequent the sites looking around for jobs then they will either have to pay up or write it themselves. I know a lot of them don’t want to do that.

If you are determined to break into writing and you are willing to write for free; at least do it to benefit you. Make your own blog, write for hubpages, bukisa or squidoo and at least you’ll see some residual income on down the road. Plus you can use your work to show what you can do.

About articlestogo

I've been writing online for eleven years. I love writing and do it as a full-time profession now. (thank you hubby.)
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