How To Write Better Online Articles

The Internet has made it entirely possible for writers from every country, any niche and all levels to become published authors. This is not always the best thing in the world; there are some really appalling articles masking as expert genius out there on several content submission sites. These folks also join all the bid sites and will write a bestselling masterpiece for the low-cost of $18.00 as long as you don’t mind it comes from India.

The fact is it does no good to complain and you can’t underbid them. You just have to be a better writer. Eventually you will sell an article for a decent amount and you know you wrote it well. The ones that purchased it will know so too.

A real writer does not use spinners to create articles; they write. You are the one that has those creases on your forehead from trying to manipulate a sentence into flowing or showing insight. Maybe you can follow some of these tried and true tips to decrease those forehead wrinkles. 

The first tip is to be sure that you get your facts right. Don’t just make up statistics, if you use them you must prove them.

Don’t try to be too technical for the regular layman to get it. You may know every word in the English vocabulary but everyone else may not. You can write your articles in understandable words for everyone. They can be drywall contractors, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs but it must be interesting, informative and understandable for all of them.

Answer questions in your articles. Usually people are seeking answers when they have pulled up your website or blog. They want to know something, for example, “How To Write Better Online Articles.” Give them the answers, tips, genius, little tricks of the trade, or information and they will be your loyal readers for life.

Always look for grammatical errors and misspellings. Even a walking, human dictionary can hit the wrong key occasionally. Make sure that your typos are non-existent by checking and checking again before you set your article free.

Keeping sentences short and to the point is another great tip for better online article writing.

Do not put links inside the article unless you are being paid to do so. If it is your own links they should go in your author’s resource box where readers can follow your links and find out more about you.

Last tip is to read your article to yourself or even out loud to check for flow or even multiples of the same point. Nobody likes that or understands it. It may be an accident so try to get rid of it if it has happened.

If you follow these tips regularly then you will create and write much better articles. This will get your name recognized and even win a few of those bids from others.

Happy Writing

About articlestogo

I've been writing online for eleven years. I love writing and do it as a full-time profession now. (thank you hubby.)
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