Become A Freelancer

Yeah, I know I already wrote a post about becoming a freelance writer. That just happens to be the choice I made so I could stay home and work from the computer every day. Lots of people tell me I should “get a real job”. I would say that whatever you want to do, you have any talent for it and it makes any kind of income then you have a real job but you get to do something that makes you happy. That is probably the reason so many don’t consider it real. I don’t have the actual boss to bitch about, don’t have to go wherever I don’t want to and never have to turn in a time card to anyone.

But, being a freelance writer is not the only freelance position you can choose because that may not be the way your talent takes you.

Freelancing is about becoming almost anything you want to be without being tied down to it. You can be a freelance writer, freelance photographer or freelance web site designer. Another thing about freelancing is you can hang on to your regular job for that regular salary and do freelancing on the side to pick up extra money. If the freelancing doesn’t turn into a lucrative enough position to make a full time income you will still have the job salary to fall back on.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs that can bring in more money than your job and then you can consider making that your career choice. Until you make sure though hang on to the security of the job because you still need a place to live and food to eat.

There are tons of freelance jobs all over the internet but you do have to know how to go about looking for them. Search freelance job boards, being specific about what you want to do and it will be easy enough to find.  If that isn’t specific enough for you–go to the search engine of your computer and type in whatever you are looking for such as freelance photography jobs or seamstress jobs or just whatever “jobs” you are looking for.

There are a lot of sites that offer free membership to get our feet wet and you can bid against plenty of others. consider yourself lucky when you get the bid and are happy with that amount. You’ll want to do the best job you can; hopefully, as good as you let them think that you could. This will make others come your way and keep your all-imortant reputation intact as well.

That’s enough to touch on for now so you should get started immediately if you have any interest in making a part-time income from home or begin your new career that makes you happy.

If you want to know about freelancing more in-depth check that out in a search engine as well. For this article in it’s entirety go to hubpages and search for author Totally Tiffany. Comment and I would really appreciate it.

Keep writing or whatever freelancing you want.

About articlestogo

I've been writing online for eleven years. I love writing and do it as a full-time profession now. (thank you hubby.)
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3 Responses to Become A Freelancer

  1. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing this, and Happy Friday! 🙂

  2. downtime71 says:

    You know I like your writing a lot.

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