Everyone Loves Friday

Do they really; does everyone love Friday. I really don’t have a preference for one day of the week over another. Usually, as long as I am left alone to my own devices one day is as good as another.

It is my husband’s payday so it makes him happy. I don’t really know why unless it means he can spend a few more dollars than he did yesterday. (In case I haven’t mentioned it; I am really tight with money–he is not.) If he sees it he has to have it while I have to think it through for some time. It once took me 5 weeks to pick out a crock pot. I knew if it went on sale a week after I thought I wanted it it would go down again. After 5 weeks it went as low as it ever got, then I bought it.

Hubby on the other hand would spend a small fortune on cl and you can bet half of it would be on another cell phone. But, at least he is happy about it. That also means that eventually all the kids and family and friends will all have the phone they are just dying for.

So I have spent most of the morning checking out more writing to make more money online. I’ve wrote a couple of articles this morning, cleaned house and cooked breakfast so I could kick the husband out for the day. Of course we must go pay bills since it is his payday.

Anyway, I will share my articles later today but if you want to see them before then check out my writing on hubpages, bukisa, and associated content under author totallytiffany.

Have a profitable writing day and keep loving Friday.

About articlestogo

I've been writing online for eleven years. I love writing and do it as a full-time profession now. (thank you hubby.)
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1 Response to Everyone Loves Friday

  1. Laura says:

    You’re on bukisa? So am I – check me out on there – lshanno. Just getting started on there though. I agree on the whole Friday thing – some like it and others don’t. I love Fridays, means the weekend is here and time for relaxation!

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