Another Day Of Writing

It has been almost a great day. I spent most of it writing, keeping up other blogs, websites, articles.

Spent part of the day with the husband and my rabbits. He has now left for work since he works at night–guess I should also note that he works all day as well. Busy man but that’s the best way to keep them out of trouble I suppose.

I think it surprises some people to know that I have been a writer for eleven years. If that is a surprise then it would really surprise people to know that I have actually been a writer for longer than that.

I have been an “online” writer for eleven years. Eleven years ago I actually had a company build me a computer-it still collects dust here somewhere. I picked out each component of it how much memory it should have and since I knew soooo much about it, (sarcastically), I said give me the best, fastest or biggest of whatever it needs and I paid them for it.

The truth is that I had several short stories published in print before that, a couple of newspaper columns. All things that most people would think is so lame these days but that is how it was done then. You typed it on paper, sent it in the good old mailbox and waited foreeeeeveeeer to hear back from a publisher or editor that would tell you 1 out of 116 times just how talented you were but this article, story or column idea just wasn’t right for them at this time.

Then the computer comes along but you have to work at a real job to make ends meet, especially when you’re paying for high-end, techie gadgets. Everyone laughed at me then for purchasing that computer but they don’t laugh now while I type on my laptop at 90 wpm and have worn the letters off the keys. (It’s okay, I have them memorized).

So, after all this, what do I really know about writing? Not a whole helluva lot. It is trial and error. Know everything about punctuation? Not hardly, sometimes that comma just doesn’t look right there but if you follow the rules it belongs there. My favorite way to write is how I speak. Problem is that those words running out of my mouth don’t have commas, semi-colons or periods in all the proper places.

Then we are faced with SEO or other various types of money-making writing. Stick some words in there and you’re good to go but only if they make sense and often times they just do not. If you want to make money writing learn all these rules, take classes and write. The best way to make money as a writer is to write. A real writer doesn’t do it for money though–that’s just a perk, a writer does it because they have to. They have the talent to string words together to let others know what they want to convey, to give them necessary information or to teach them something they didn’t know before.

If you are considering freelancing because of the money I personally say go for it. My dream was to be the next female Stephen King with my writing. Problem is, it wasn’t paying the bills or allowing me time to do it so I write freelance, SEO, plr pkgs., articles, rewriting, ghostwriting; whatever pays me. I did for awhile feel like I was selling out but then I got over that because maybe 10 words a day goes to that horror fiction novel I may one day write, but for now, with ink running through my veins, I write what others want for myself. It pays, I can write, I want to write-it is a win-win situation.

Do a job you love and it will never feel like work!

About articlestogo

I've been writing online for eleven years. I love writing and do it as a full-time profession now. (thank you hubby.)
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