Writing Rants-N-Raves

This blog is about my freelance writing career, the things I have found out along the way and am still learning. Of course I do have several pet peeves, and things that just piss me off when it comes to writing.

I don’t like to read an article I have to muddle through because it has been accepted by some content mismanagement that hasn’t got a clue about English.

I don’t mind an article that isn’t 100% grammatically correct; mine aren’t perfect. I don’t even mind a misspelling or two because it is common and everyone can hit the wrong key occasionally.

Another thing I don’t really mind about are the people that post jobs and you can tell from the posting they do need to hire a writer. Example: “Good Artikles Writters Needed” Okay, so it is almost laughable then you read the posting for this person. Apparently they can’t write their own content, reviews, descriptions or whatever it is they want to add to their work.

Then you read what they are looking for: “I am in need of artikles writer must be native English speaker with strong writing skills and skilled for long term work. (sounds promising),all work must be grammer correct with no spelling errors. You must write a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 700, include keyword, description sentence and a short summary. I need these in batches of 5 to 10 per day. will pay $1.00 per artikle.”

I know that if you are just breaking into writing this STILL DOESN’T SOUND GOOD. Many people might jump all over this; IF THEY LIVE IN INDIA. I don’t, I live in the U.S. I think I am talented and fancy myself a writer or I wouldn’t be doing it for a living. But, no matter, I cannot write an article of the calibre they are seeking for $1.00 and won’t.

I would rather not write for pay at all if that is the rate. A lot of the better writers will give the advice to just stay away from these jobs if you aren’t willing to do them. That is my advice too. I also suggest that writers stay away from the sites that offer this kind of pay for your creative brilliance.

It doesn’t do any good to complain to the people in charge of these job boards so if writers refuse to frequent the sites looking around for jobs then they will either have to pay up or write it themselves. I know a lot of them don’t want to do that.

If you are determined to break into writing and you are willing to write for free; at least do it to benefit you. Make your own blog, write for hubpages, bukisa or squidoo and at least you’ll see some residual income on down the road. Plus you can use your work to show what you can do.

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Don’t Always Stick To Writing What You Know

Okay, so there are a lot of people out there that earn huge incomes from writing, or any other job they have. I cannot believe that great writers, unless they are trying to discourage other’s from a very successful writing career will give the advice to “write what you know.”

I hear you, it is huge and it always makes its way into the old advice for writers but it is a load of crap in my own opinion. Here are some of my reason’s for not following that advice and I hope you don’t either if you want to follow writing as a career choice or your passion.

The best part is that writing is and always has been my one big passion. Sure, I do other things too such as raise rabbits and do some gardening. I also write about these things and other people read it. That is an example of “writing what I know.” A lot of people disagree with a lot of what I say from my own real experience and they are entitled to their opinion but I’m just writing what I know.

The fact is that writing is not boring but it is not always about writing what you know. Anything that stimulates your brain cannot leave room for boredom. (Of course, my grandfather’s favorite saying is that “smart people don’t get bored” and my kids always hated to hear me say that when they would sit around moaning, “I’m bored.”)

You’ll hear everyone tell you that if you want to be a writer then you must write what you know. I have even seen it written by big name writers and I cannot believe they would tell anyone that. I’ve written several successful articles about childhood obesity and I was far from that. (One of my many childhood nicknames was Beanpole.) I also wrote some articles that the client was so happy with about Forex trading. I’m still not sure exactly how or what that is. So, if I only wrote what I know and didn’t bother to work at research then I wouldn’t or couldn’t have written those articles.

My short stories consist of burning a person in a ceramic kiln, a female hit-woman, a plantation owners daughter killing everyone in her family so she could be with her lover slave, and an elephant stampede in a small town in Tennessee. I never did or saw any of those things happen except in my mind’s eye.

There are plenty of writers that write about unusual and bizarre happenings. I am almost 100% certain that the only place Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer “knew” what their books characters were up to was in their own mind until it was on paper.

There are sci-fi writers and Marvel comic characters brought to life every day on the movie screen and I’ll bet those writers never met or went to some of the worlds within those writings.

Other worlds, realms and alternate universes aren’t exactly examples of writing what you “know.” They are fine examples of a vivid imagination or the euphoria that accompanies a lack of sleep but they are not “writing what you know.”

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How To Write Better Online Articles

The Internet has made it entirely possible for writers from every country, any niche and all levels to become published authors. This is not always the best thing in the world; there are some really appalling articles masking as expert genius out there on several content submission sites. These folks also join all the bid sites and will write a bestselling masterpiece for the low-cost of $18.00 as long as you don’t mind it comes from India.

The fact is it does no good to complain and you can’t underbid them. You just have to be a better writer. Eventually you will sell an article for a decent amount and you know you wrote it well. The ones that purchased it will know so too.

A real writer does not use spinners to create articles; they write. You are the one that has those creases on your forehead from trying to manipulate a sentence into flowing or showing insight. Maybe you can follow some of these tried and true tips to decrease those forehead wrinkles. 

The first tip is to be sure that you get your facts right. Don’t just make up statistics, if you use them you must prove them.

Don’t try to be too technical for the regular layman to get it. You may know every word in the English vocabulary but everyone else may not. You can write your articles in understandable words for everyone. They can be drywall contractors, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs but it must be interesting, informative and understandable for all of them.

Answer questions in your articles. Usually people are seeking answers when they have pulled up your website or blog. They want to know something, for example, “How To Write Better Online Articles.” Give them the answers, tips, genius, little tricks of the trade, or information and they will be your loyal readers for life.

Always look for grammatical errors and misspellings. Even a walking, human dictionary can hit the wrong key occasionally. Make sure that your typos are non-existent by checking and checking again before you set your article free.

Keeping sentences short and to the point is another great tip for better online article writing.

Do not put links inside the article unless you are being paid to do so. If it is your own links they should go in your author’s resource box where readers can follow your links and find out more about you.

Last tip is to read your article to yourself or even out loud to check for flow or even multiples of the same point. Nobody likes that or understands it. It may be an accident so try to get rid of it if it has happened.

If you follow these tips regularly then you will create and write much better articles. This will get your name recognized and even win a few of those bids from others.

Happy Writing

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Random Thoughts on Writing

This post isn’t exactly about writing but maybe part of the reason I have always wanted to be a writer. It wasn’t to show anyone up-hell, I’m not famous enough for that. It was the love of reading, and not the thought I could do it better than all the writing I have read, just the thought that I want to do that, invoke the same feeling in other’s that a great book invoked in me.

A fantastic book can take you to places you couldn’t go as a child or teen or even an adult with very little money. You can visit far, far away exotic lands or worlds. Meet amazing and fascinating people or creatures, encounter horrendous monster’s that almost rival real life.

The key is in comprehension when it comes to reading. In school kids are taught to read and supposedly comprehend what they have read. That is not always the case. I don’t know when you went to school or where and if I tell you when I went you may figure out my age. HaHa.

I will tell you this, I am in my 40’s, proud I made it this far but that is all about that. I therefore went to school around 30 years ago. I have never told many people this, if any; I HATED SCHOOL. I went so as to not be a problem and because they had books there. Of course, not at first. The first school I went to was in rural Tennessee. Back then I don’t really remember what they taught us but it wasn’t reading. I do recall we would write random numbers and letters on paper turned the wrong direction with wide lines and broken lines in between. That was in the first grade.

Then my parent’s decided we’d move to Illinois and I went to school there. In the second grade in Illinois they were mortified to learn I could not read. Not one single word, not the words: is, the, run, no words at all.

This lead to me being taken from class every single day, put in a room at a table by myself with a set of headphones on and a tape recorder for an hour, twice a day. I didn’t realize it then but I could read. Oh, by the way, it was phonics on the recorder, learning alphabet sounds and sounding words out.

We went back to Tennessee and I was the only third grader that could read. I don’t think that you learned how to actually read until 5th grade in Tennessee back then.

One of the main reason’s I didn’t like the school system was the fact that if you seemed to be halfway intelligent they didn’t seem to like it. They didn’t have any encouraging words for a student that showed any academic skills except for a certain set, such as the few local kids whose parents owned the grocery store or made money with the tombstone monument business or the mayor’s kid.

Now, this isn’t really fair to all the teacher’s in this school but for the most part it was true.

There was one thing they would do with a list of spelling words. The teacher would split the class up into a boy team & girl team and have a mini-spelling contest. If you were the winner of the spelling contest on either team you wouldn’t have to take their spelling test. Of course it was usually always the same girl and boy that won every time. I was that girl and I remember the boys name but I won’t say it here.

This went on of course for the most part of the year and I kept reading every book in the library of this school. Then one day there was a spelling contest and I again would not have to take the spelling test. This apparently didn’t set too well with another student that got mad and said it was unfair I had won yet again. The teacher stands at the front of the class and informs the other students that they are probably much better readers than I am because as she says, “good spellers aren’t ever good readers and good readers aren’t good spellers.”

With all of the logical reasoning a child has I informed her that was a stupid comment for the simple fact that if a person couldn’t spell or know how to spell a word, then how did they even know what words they were reading? I got sent to the principal’s office for that. I still feel like they were wrong for punishing me over that because she should have never said what she did in the first place.

Another incident involved reading library books. The real librarian was out for the day and one of my class teachers was taking her place. When I went to check out a particular library book she refused to let me check it out. The book was “Little Men.” She informed me I had no business reading it. I had just turned in “Little Women.” It wasn’t a matter of me being a girl she just thought the book was too thick or beyond my reading capabilities. She said I should choose a smaller book, meaning with less pages. “Maybe you should read one of the Hardy Boys books,” she said. I told her I had already read them all.

After being sent to the office she was then allowed to make me write a one page book report on each of the Hardy Boys books. I had to do it in one week and when she saw that the real librarian let me check out “Little Men” she took it from me until it was due back to the library.

Needless to say, I did read that book, and every one in that school library. I got a certificate for that but wasn’t allowed to be receive it at the graduation of other achievements such as people who didn’t miss a day of school for a year. My certificate was mailed to my home and it was never mentioned that I never had to take a spelling test because I had always won the spelling contest on the girl’s team.

So, I do not write because I was embarassed all throughout school for being an avid reader or because I was laughed at twice by a teacher for saying I wanted to be a writer or to get even with  pathetic teachers that ridiculed me for reading beyond my level; I write because I want to and those teachers, even though they were small-minded, made me stronger. They also make good background material for inconsequential “little” characters.

Happy Writing

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Super Sunday Sale

Sunday’s are super days for making a little more money from your writing. Get up a little earlier and write a super article or blog post and then submit it somewhere. Hub Pages, Bukisa, Gather. Maybe you pick up a little extra from one of the other writing sites. It is your own and you can submit and earn a little every month for a long time without ever doing anything else to it.

But you are probably wondering what I mean by Sale. Take all those articles that you have saved on the computer and look them over real good for some fixing. One of my pet peeves is people that write 100 to 1,000 words all in one long paragraph. Cut it up some, check for grammar and spelling, PLEASE! If you have several that are in the same niche bundle them together and sell them as a package deal on craigslist or freeadsusa.

This could make you a few extra dollars every week for those content hungry website owners. They need the writing and you want some extra income. If you do a great job and they want more writing from you they will contact you. Then you can charge better rates because they will likely want certain keywords and have a few pet peeves of their own.

Happy Writing

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Become A Freelancer

Yeah, I know I already wrote a post about becoming a freelance writer. That just happens to be the choice I made so I could stay home and work from the computer every day. Lots of people tell me I should “get a real job”. I would say that whatever you want to do, you have any talent for it and it makes any kind of income then you have a real job but you get to do something that makes you happy. That is probably the reason so many don’t consider it real. I don’t have the actual boss to bitch about, don’t have to go wherever I don’t want to and never have to turn in a time card to anyone.

But, being a freelance writer is not the only freelance position you can choose because that may not be the way your talent takes you.

Freelancing is about becoming almost anything you want to be without being tied down to it. You can be a freelance writer, freelance photographer or freelance web site designer. Another thing about freelancing is you can hang on to your regular job for that regular salary and do freelancing on the side to pick up extra money. If the freelancing doesn’t turn into a lucrative enough position to make a full time income you will still have the job salary to fall back on.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs that can bring in more money than your job and then you can consider making that your career choice. Until you make sure though hang on to the security of the job because you still need a place to live and food to eat.

There are tons of freelance jobs all over the internet but you do have to know how to go about looking for them. Search freelance job boards, being specific about what you want to do and it will be easy enough to find.  If that isn’t specific enough for you–go to the search engine of your computer and type in whatever you are looking for such as freelance photography jobs or seamstress jobs or just whatever “jobs” you are looking for.

There are a lot of sites that offer free membership to get our feet wet and you can bid against plenty of others. consider yourself lucky when you get the bid and are happy with that amount. You’ll want to do the best job you can; hopefully, as good as you let them think that you could. This will make others come your way and keep your all-imortant reputation intact as well.

That’s enough to touch on for now so you should get started immediately if you have any interest in making a part-time income from home or begin your new career that makes you happy.

If you want to know about freelancing more in-depth check that out in a search engine as well. For this article in it’s entirety go to hubpages and search for author Totally Tiffany. Comment and I would really appreciate it.

Keep writing or whatever freelancing you want.

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About Freelance Writing

Well it seems that so far this blog has been just a mish-mash of whatever I was thinking of at the moment. The truth is that I was trying my hand at it and I see that most people would like something relevant to writing articles–thus the name, articles to go. So, lets get to the real reason you are reading a blog called by this name.

I want to tell you about freelance writing and why it may be your new career.

It is a very creative profession and you may be a very creative person. If you are very good at writing it may be the profession for you. You can begin as a freelance writer with very little or no money to get into it. You can also begin to do it on a part time basis before you jump into the decision to make it your one and only career. Part-time allows you to keep the regular ole day job; you know, the one that will pay your bills until you actually break into freelance writing.

Some freelance writing jobs do make more in one week than can be had in a monthly salary but that isn’t really security. You will still have the those bills that come like clockwork so a regular income may be better for beginners.

You can find lots of freelance writing jobs with a search on the Internet. Notice this; most of the Internet is the written word.  You could become one of those that earns a great income, full or part-time, by providing that written word.

Many of these freelance writing opportunities can be done from home. You will find the job, do it on the computer and send it by computer to whomever it is that wants it. So, working from home as a freelance writer is a lucrative career and it cuts out a lot of commuting to a job and the expenses that you incur by just going to the office on that daily grind. You will be paid directly into your bank account or by way of a secure site, the most used site is PayPal.

If you want your freelance writing career to be your best career then you want to do the best job you can do on every assignment you accept. Being reliable and getting the job done will go a long way in building your all-important networking platform. Professionals are looking for other professionals and when you do the best work you can do these professionals will let others know about your services. You will want recommendations from these folks so it will be easier for you to find more freelance work.

Becoming a freelance writer is a great career move for those that are talented, creative and willing to work hard at it. You will make it quicker than you realize if you do a great job for others and it is something that you love doing.

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Back On A Wednesday

Most of the people that are checking out this blog want to know about writing since that is what I do. I love writing and have really gotten into the blog and website aspect of the internet. Of course there is the Internet itself. I love it. It has become the way that writers can make money and be published instantly.

I think that a lot more effort should be put into editing some of the garbage online. There are a lot of sites I have problems with as far as trying to research on a real topic and finding some person that makes .8 cents an hour writing some stuff that someone else pays for to place their author name on.

OMG, what are they thinking. If someone cannot speak English should you want to pay a few cents to post it as your own when you know they cannot write English.

Spinners for writers are a lot of crap too. If you write, write-otherwise just don’t post a lot of garbage so you have 4,000 articles online at ezines or some other content farm.

Content farms, not so bad to display your writing talents on but make sure it is your talent, not some untalented person just trying to get their name posted on thousands of articles.

You could at least pay a real writer to write but then you know that you are going to have to pay a decent amount.

For those that do have talent or know how to string words together to form a sentence that makes sense—great! The internet can use real writing talent and maybe it will weed some of the crap out.

That is just my thoughts on this Wednesday.

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Everyone Loves Friday

Do they really; does everyone love Friday. I really don’t have a preference for one day of the week over another. Usually, as long as I am left alone to my own devices one day is as good as another.

It is my husband’s payday so it makes him happy. I don’t really know why unless it means he can spend a few more dollars than he did yesterday. (In case I haven’t mentioned it; I am really tight with money–he is not.) If he sees it he has to have it while I have to think it through for some time. It once took me 5 weeks to pick out a crock pot. I knew if it went on sale a week after I thought I wanted it it would go down again. After 5 weeks it went as low as it ever got, then I bought it.

Hubby on the other hand would spend a small fortune on cl and you can bet half of it would be on another cell phone. But, at least he is happy about it. That also means that eventually all the kids and family and friends will all have the phone they are just dying for.

So I have spent most of the morning checking out more writing to make more money online. I’ve wrote a couple of articles this morning, cleaned house and cooked breakfast so I could kick the husband out for the day. Of course we must go pay bills since it is his payday.

Anyway, I will share my articles later today but if you want to see them before then check out my writing on hubpages, bukisa, and associated content under author totallytiffany.

Have a profitable writing day and keep loving Friday.

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This Is Tuesday

Tuesday, it should be some kind of day.

I am going to drive my daughter to the doctor. She is about to have a baby any day now. They are saying in a month or so and I know we are really impatient. The baby has reached 6 pounds and two ounces. That is more than one of mine weighed when it was born. WOW!

It is a girl. We had her a shower Sunday and it was fabulous. Seems like everyone is running short these days but you wouldn’t know it from the baby shower. I think this baby has everything it will need till it is six years old, except maybe diapers. She was so happy and proud. Cannot blame her at all. She wasn’t expecting the outpouring that she recieved.

My sister is the one that put it all together for my daughter. I know I could not have done such a wonderful job. Thank you so much Valerie and your husband Howard. You treat my daughter like she is one of yours. I am glad she has you guys in her life.

I love that about people, a baby brings out the best in most everyone. I hope that they will know love always because some people aren’t so lucky.

I have a friend that decided life wasn’t worth it and tried to end his life last Friday. This is such a shame. As long as there is breath there is hope. He may not pull through and they say if he does then he will be in a vegetative state. So sad. I guess he succeeded in ending his life but I cannot get over the selfishness of it for all the grief he brought to all those that loved him.

I really don’t know what to think of it all sometimes. Some people choose to live life to the fullest, bring new life into the world and some choose to throw it all away. What do they have to compare it to? They have never been dead and therefore cannot say it is better to be there instead of where they could make their own happiness in life.

So, now I am going to get ready to take my daughter to the doctor and cherish every second of this life I have, my daughter and her daughter. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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